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Our mission

Pegasus’ mission is to promote a wide variety of films and to give teenagers the opportunity to create and connect all around the world. We hope to establish an inclusive environment that reflects the creative nature of the art of film.

Asha Dukkipati


Asha Dukkipati is this year’s festival Director. She is currently a senior at Alcuin School. Asha enjoys studying different biohacking techniques to help students with neurobehavioral disorders through her non-profit Learning Different. She is also passionate about continuing her social activism through documentary filmmaking: educating and creating connection through storytelling. Asha is very excited to be a part of the Pegasus team, and hopes to help foster other filmmakers’ passions!

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Riley Anderson


Riley Anderson is a senior at Boyd High School. She has grown up doing theatre, and has loved every minute of it. She loves the creativity and confidence that comes with being on stage, and loves getting to work and feed off of the energy of others. She is also an adventurous eater, and loves to try new things. In her free time you can catch her binging her favorite Netflix shows, Selling Sunset and Survivor, or working as a supervisor at her local grocery store, Market Street. Riley is super excited for this year’s Pegasus Film Festival and can’t wait to bring something unique to the table!

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Social Media Manager

Hanna Le is an 11th-grade homeschooler. She loves filmmaking, writing, acting, art, and creating content for her YouTube channel. She is very excited to be this year’s Social Media & PR Coordinator and can’t wait to bring her vision to the 2022 Pegasus Film Festival. Hanna hopes that through her art she can inspire others and help make a difference in the world.

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Kevin Henderson

Art Director

Kevin Henderson is an 11th grade theatre student at Booker T. Washington HSPVA, where he studies acting, film, and playwriting. He also enjoys creating digital art for things such as his YouTube channel.

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Kendall Ricks

Assistant Director

Kendall Ricks is a junior at Lake Ridge High School. She is copy editor of her school’s yearbook, and in her free time she enjoys reading and writing. She is passionate about all forms of storytelling, especially film.

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Assistant Producer

Niyati Ram is a junior at Booker T. Washington HSPVA. She cares deeply about making a meaningful impact through film ​​and creating a sense of community among filmmakers. Niyati wants to present this valuable art form in a way that promotes creativity and represents the work artists put in for this film festival. Her other interests include acting, singing, doing Indian Classical dance, and horse riding.

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Aurora Barragran

Lead Videographer

Aurora is a senior at Arlington Collegiate High School and is this year’s lead videographer. She’s in love with shooting and editing videos, and spends most of her time making YouTube music videos in her backyard and taking random clips she filmed while traveling and putting music to them. When she’s not doing that, she enjoys volunteering in her community, discovering new bands to listen to, and recording her own music tapes with her favorite songs. Aurora is super stoked to be chosen for this position.

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Janelle Frazier

Lead Photographer

Janelle Frazier is a 12th grader at Booker T. Washington HSPVA and will be this year’s lead photographer. When not taking photos on her Holga camera, you can find her sketching some of her favorite film scores.

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Janelle (Lead photographer).jpg

Zarayiah Perry

Assistant Videographer

Raised in Dallas, Texas, Zariyah Perry (age 17) has studied acting, dance, art, and film for the better part of her life. She is currently a junior in the Theatre Arts Conservatory. She is excited for what’s to come working with this amazing group of people.

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Daresalam Aylaew


Daresalam Ayalew is a 10th grader at Garland High School. She’s a writer and debater with a plethora of other hobbies who’s very excited to use their artistic visions to help lead the Pegasus Film Festival. Daresalam is going to be the Assistant Photographer and will work to the best of her abilities to ensure the pictures look amazing!

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