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About the Pegasus Film and Media Education

The Pegasus Film and Media Education (PFME) was founded at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in 2010. Since its creation, through the annual youth film festival (PFF) and a summer intensive film camp, Pegasus Summer Film Media Education has expanded to support all High School filmmakers in Texas.  As a result of the creation of impactful cinematic works through mentorship in pre-production, production and post-production, festival opportunities, publicity and extending the Texas film network’s reach, PFME has empowered young filmmakers and helped them in realizing their visions.


In 2017, PFME became umbrellaed under the Video Association of Dallas, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. PFME and VAD are dedicated to lifting teens with a passion for filmmaking to reach their full potential and achieve success in their lives. Film is one of the most evocative, narrative expressions of the human condition; therefore, filmmaking is hugely empowering. It validates the student’s efforts to understand and convey their experiences. PSFI and PFF have provided high school students the opportunity to explore, reflect, interpret and creatively process the demands of a challenging new world. 


A few testimonials from DISD student recipients:

“Pegasus Summer Film Institute scholarship provided me with professional mentors and the funds to create my film Black Beauty which was a big part of my college portfolio. I’m a happy student today at SMU on a scholarship, 2018.” - Crislyn Fayson

See Crislyn’s filme here:


“My awards from the 2016 Pegasus Film Festival have allowed me to invest in the quality of my films by purchasing new equipment. As a cinematographer, having higher-grade lighting equipment provided me with opportunities to grow as an artist. My short film was a part of my portfolio that got me into NYU’s film program, 2017.” - Emily Miller

See Emily’s film here:


“Pegasus Film Festival is a gateway to opportunity. Thanks to the event, and the support of Pegasus Film Society as a whole, I was able to see my dream of becoming a filmmaker come to fruition.” - Alex Poscente

See Alex’s film here: