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Fusing Art and Science: Niyati Ram, Lifelong Performer

One of Booker T. Washington High School’s best and brightest, Niyati Ram is an 11th grader in the theater conservatory and the assistant producer of the Pegasus Film Festival.

For her, theater is a new passion but her love for the arts has been lifelong. Her mother, a dance teacher, inspired her to start Indian Classical Dancing at a very young age. She’s been doing it ever since, stating that she loves being able to perform and share stories on stage. In 2019, she had her solo dance debut known as the Arangetram where she was able to showcase all of her hard work and passion for Indian Classical Dance in a 2-hour performance. While dancing, she found enjoyment in being on stage and performing, which compelled her to try acting in theater.

Despite being new to this department, she’s already made great strides and shows incredible devotion. Recently, she was in a 10-minute play called “The Ten Chimes” by Jude Baremore, a student at Booker T. Washington, and now she is preparing for a One-act play that will be featured at the Paul Baker Festival called “Following the Leader” by Olivia King, another student.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Niyati is also very STEM-oriented as the secretary of the National Science Honors Society and a former member of NextGenNations, a UN-based club dedicated to furthering UNICEF’s sustainable development goals. She is interested in the fusion of academics and the arts and wants to utilize art in academic and scientific settings. She states that both art and science are timeless, so merging the two and thinking both logically and artistically allows for society to have a more complex understanding of things. Particularly, Niyati is passionate about climate change and interested in film, so she admires documentaries, which use the art of filmmaking to spread awareness about important matters.

A central theme for Niyati is her want to share stories and what better way to do that than through film. She loves making films as a way to express herself, recall back on her life, and perform, although in a different sense than theater.

On the Pegasus Film Festival leadership team, Niyati organizes and plans for the upcoming film festival where she hopes to showcase everyone’s film with honor. Lastly, regardless of whatever career path she ends up on Niyati is sure filmmaking, dancing, and theater will always be in her life.

Written by Daresalam Ayalew

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