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Name: Logan Mook

Position: Festival Director

About Logan:

Logan is this years festival director, and is making this website as he types this (wow)

He loves pretty much all forms of entertainment; Movies, Video games, Books, Comics, Theatre etc. He mostly just wastes time watching stuff. Nice!

Name: Maggie Fosmark

Position: Assistant Festival Director

About Maggie:

Maggie is a senior at Plano West Senior High School. She plans to make this year’s festival the best that Dallas has ever seen! Along with film, Maggie enjoys thrifting, theatre, and gardening.

Name: Rubin Safavi

Position: Assistant Festival Director

About Rubin:

Rubin Safavi is a senior at Plano West Senior High School. As a Canadian, he enjoys road tripping, band, and film. He plans to help the festival garner more attention and expand the outreach that Pegasus has.

(Look at that beard)

Name: Nisha Nanda

Position: Festival Producer

About Nisha:

Nisha Nanda is a senior at Plano West Senior High School. Nisha plans to provide more opportunities and exposure of the film industry for young students. Above all, Nisha is thrilled to work with our amazing team to make this year’s festival the best it can! In her free time, she enjoys playing musical instruments, cooking, drawing, and painting.

Name: Daviah Harrison

Position: Assistant Producer

About Daviah:

Daviah Harrison is a junior at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Through her enjoyment of singing, running, and fishing, she plans to bring these aspects to create a fun and collaborative environment for all!

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Name: Grayson Leslie Milburn

Position: Social Media Coordinator

About Grayson:

Grayson Lesley-Milburn is a senior at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. As a part of the team, she plans to help Pegasus gain notoriety for its inclusion of all movie types and student directed planning of the festival! You can find her eating Mexican food, attending concerts, making people smile, and being a light in this world.

Name: Mirra Capper

Position: Art Director

About Mirra:

Mirra Capper is a senior at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. As a creative, Mirra wants to contribute her efforts to a bigger project, have fun collaborating with others, and make cute art. In her free time, she loves playing with her five cats, animating, and collecting cat figurines! (she made all the sick art on this site)

Name: Soleil Singh

Position: Development Director

About Soleil:

Soleil Singh is a senior at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Soliel plans to sustain this festival at a high caliber of professionalism and make an impact in supporting the future years and endeavors of Pegasus Film Festivals. Outside of the festival, Soleil enjoys playing piano, drums, guitar, and watching Spongebob Squarepants.

Name: Amy Ramirez

Position: Lead Videographer

About Amy:

Amy Ramirez is a junior at Skyline High School. A few of her hobbies include modeling, hanging with friends, and watching Money Heist. Amy hopes that this year's films show that anyone and everyone has the potential and creativity that it takes to create films.

Name: David Cortez Gonzales

Position: Lead Photographer

About David:

David Cortez Gonzalez is a senior at Skyline High School. In his free time, he enjoys photography and drawing. David plans to use his photography to further Pegasus’ professionalism and attraction. 

Name: Julia Hunt

Position: Writer

About Julia:

Julia Hunt is a senior at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. As part of the team, Julia plans to help create an environment that supports young filmmakers all over the world. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and baking.

Name: Sumana Syed

Position: Writer

About Sumana:

Sumana Syed is a senior at Hebron High School. She looks forward to being a part of the team and sharing this experience with everyone involved! Additionally, she hopes to gather more knowledge about the film industry. Outside of the festival, you can find Sumana writing screenplays, editing videos, and watching Indian movies like 3 Idiots!

Name: Alaina Bookman

Position: Writer​

About Alaina:

Alaina Bookman is a senior at Trinidad Garza Early College High School. She wants to broaden the audience that the Pegasus Film Festival is able to reach, as well as provide a greater amount of resources and an outlet for those who don't normally receive these opportunities. A few of Alaina’s hobbies include skateboarding, debating, and gardening.

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