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About us

North Texas is a haven for youth passionate about filmmaking. Dallas area staples such as the vibrant Deep Ellum and the bustling arts district lend themselves to the inspirations of students with boundless creative potential, the wealth of which should be nurtured and represented to the fullest extent. However, despite the increasing accessibility to filmography equipment and tools, exposure often stands between artists, and the support and recognition they deserve.

The Pegasus Film Festival was created in 2015 by Dallas educator and artist Niloo Jalilvand with these dreamers in mind.  Our team seeks to close the gap by giving filmmakers the chance to present their art to both an audience and a panel of judges. Through this, they will learn invaluable lessons, make meaningful connections with industry professionals, and become familiarized with the film festival experience. Our festival does this in four ways: Hosting an annual film festival exclusively for student filmmakers, awarding opportunities to intern with industry professionals, such as ATK PLN, to festival winners, offering students various paid internship positions for the Pegasus Film Festival Leadership team, and holding an annual Pegasus Summer Intensive course taught by industry filmmakers for college credit.


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Pegasus Film Festival will be held Virtually on Saturday, May 22, 2021 @7pm

Join us online

Saturday, May 22 at 7pm CDT

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Selected Films

  1. Nobody by Max Nathan 

  2. My Best Friend by Benji Tucker

  3. Scam of the Century: Zack and Cody Danimals Sweepstakes by Thomas Bosalis 

  4. Socially Distant by Kaden Nathani 

  5. Solitaire by Meredith Roberts

  6. Little Star by Jenny Bruce

  7. The End by Miller Ontiveros 

  8. Senior Year by Mary Kate Madden

  9. The Good Wife’s Guide by Chloe Merriman 

  10.  Ruth and Nick: A Confectionary Tale by Carter Rostron

  11.  Little Big Shot by Henry Segal

  12.  Connection by Samuel Tomatz

  13.  Autophobia by Natalie Grove

  14.  Spirited Choice by Katie Baxter

  15.  Experiment 87 by Gladys Leger

  16.  Hope Springs Eternal by Lincoln Turner

  17.  [blank] by Pride Chegwan

  18.  Sofocado by Annie Such 

  19.  DOTS by Reid Ackerman 

  20.  San Antonio Strong by Kyle Ward

  21.  Director's Cut: The Director's Cut by Henry Segal 

  22.  Elodie by Lucy Roberts

  23.  The Cat by Isla McKenna

  24.  Love Struck by Emily McShane

  25. L8R Invaders vs The Battle of the Bands by Layla Stephens  

  26.  One Giant Leap - Athena Mission by Beckett Potter

  27.  Minecraft: THE SCARIEST ADVENTURE MAP EVER!! By Marcus Weber 

  28.  In the Dark by Jeremiah Doh

  29. The Usual by Sade Adenouga 

  30.  Billy by Sade Adenouga 

  31.  We Met At Rick’s Party by Scott Atsuler 

  32.  The Curse of the Mime by Alex Cormier

  33.  A Hard Woman by Selah Hunter

  34.  Breaking Point by Ainsley Wiseman

  35.  Prom Night by Leila Saidane

  36.  Impact by Jeff Huang

  37.  dreams, illustrated by Blake Beckes