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The Pegasus Film Festival, the largest student-led film festival in the nation, invites colleges and universities to connect with emerging talent in film, media, and animation. This year's festival, our ninth annual event, promises to be an exceptional platform for education, networking, and showcasing student work.



At LOOK Dine-in Cinemas, 10110 Technology Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75220

Meet student filmmakers, creatives, and young artists!

Registration deadline is March 30th!

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Why participate ?

Increase your institution's visibility within a community passionate about film, media, and animation. Meet potential students eager to advance their education and careers in film and media.

Workshop Opportunity

We are excited for colleges and universities to present on various film and media topics! These workshop sessions are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your institution's expertise, curriculum strengths, plus unique offerings in film, media, and animation disciplines.

How to Register

Secure Your Booth and Workshop Slot: COLLEGE REGISTRATION  (BOTTON) Questions or Direct


Contact: For program inquiries, reach out to Anu Akingbade at or



We recommend the following nearby hotels for your stay:


We invite you to join us in Dallas for a celebration of youth and creativity in the film industry, to forge meaningful connections, and to showcase the educational opportunities at your institution. We look forward to your participation in making this festival a landmark event for talent discovery and academic collaboration.

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