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The Night I Lost My Favorite Jacket

A girl tells her friend about her Saturday night. She loses her jacket and a bit of herself while meeting new characters and trying to get by.

Directed by Jacket Jenna Krumerman



A young man awakens in a living nightmare. Held against his will by a shadowy figure, he must now find out why he has been targeted while digging up his shady past.

Directed by Alexis Flores


Black Beauty

Black Beauty embarks on beauty standards within the African American community. In this film you meet Tyler, a young black girl affected by society in the most primal stages of her life, in finding herself and her beauty.

Directed by Crislyn Fayson



A girl is trapped in a dull dystopian world where only business is tolerated. She must escape this monotonous existence through her imagination.

Directed by Sophie Gilmour



This film explores the effects and dangers of technology on the current society through the lens of a seventy-year-old grandmother. This film was written, directed, filmed, and edited by one woman wishing to make a difference and inspire other women to become filmmakers

Directed by Alexa May


Bang Bang

Two Best Friends go on an adventure to recover their stolen school-provided iPad.

Directed by Colin Pham


Transcending politics

The "bathroom bill" is a policy debated in sixteen states that would require all people to use the restrooms and other facilities of their assigned sex at birth. If it were to pass, how would this bill affect a transgender child in school?

Directed by Ellery Marshall

Dark Sided

2 goth teenagers get together in order to contact serial killers through a Ouija board. However, they meet an unexpected someone that changes their relationship forever.

Directed by Alora Thompson


Its not funny anymore

The story of an imaginary friend who’s forced to watch his living partner move on in life without him.

Directed by Julian Jordan


First Date

A thirteen-year-old boy tries dating for the first time, much to the horror of his over-protective mother.

Directed by Madi Thoele



An unassuming black girl is pushed to confront the demeaning behavior exhibited towards her

Directed by Sudeep Bhargava




Directed by Johanna Castanon


Years of messages

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention PSA

Directed by Alastair Vergara



A spoken word film about the mass incarceration of minorities.

Directed by Molly Martinez



4 kids film their camping trip and are ravened by a demonic grandmother.

Directed by Benjamin Goldberg


Getting up

For those suffering from depression, small tasks can be comparable to climbing a large wall: tiresome, difficult, and seemingly impossible.

Directed by Amy Hermann


Crucible cast party

A shot-for-shot remake of SNL's "Crucible Cast Party"

Directed by Kennedy Waterman

Burden of bullying

The thoughts of bullied teens in an everyday school environment. This film captures the harsh reality of what teens think about on a day to day basis.

Directed by Victoria Hernandez


Sex is weird

A teenage couple opens up about what sex would bring to their relationship.

Directed by Michael Payton



Just when Jordan thought he had his life figured out . . .

Directed by Tamitha Curiel


Night after Christmas

A Documentary about the aftermath of the December 26th, 2015 Rowlett Tornado

Directed by  John Donaldson


Black box

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention PSA

Directed by Kate Kahle


What U Need

A music video made for Scarlet Cimillo

Directed by Madison McMakin



When Finn Smith is left home alone after his parents are faced with an impossible dilemma, he soon discovers that the deadly illness that has plagued the planet is now knocking on his front door and demands to be let in.

Directed by Tristan Sparks-McMahon


Side by side

In Beijing, China, a blind young man (Tong Yang) is hesitant to receive help from the blind-guide running group but eventually steps into the new world of running.

Directed by Joy Gao

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