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WINNER: Not Made Up By Shelby Schultz (The Hockaday School)

Club Schmitz By Bob Cummins (Booker T Washington HSPVA)

The Genesis Womens Shelter By Ladeski NanaGents (Booker T Washington HSPVA)

Two of Five Million By Socs Zavitsanos (The Kinkaid School)



WINNER: The Fall By Yiwen Yang (The Hockaday School)​

Le Lien Fraternelle  By Kate Kahle (Booker T Washington HSPVA)

Weird Banana Film By Emily Miller (Booker T Washington HSPVA)

self By Tristan Spohn (Booker T Washington HSPVA)

Dead Roses  By isabel waggoner (Booker T Washington HSPVA)



WINNER: The Mobsters By Evan Hara (Plano Senior High School)​

INNOVATION AWARD: feedback By E OB (Greenhill School)

AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD: Chad, I Love You By Eleanor Evans-Wickberg (Booker T. Washington HSPVA)

Field Trip By Bob Cummins (Booker T Washington HSPVA)

There is No Movie By Nash Farmer (Booker T. Washington HSPVA)

Thirty-Six By Parker Healy (Allen High School)

After Thoughts  By Jack Jelinek (Richardson)

Never Too Late By Alexa M (The Hockaday School)

Promposal By saylor madden (ALCUIN)

Louise By Emily Miller (Booker T Washington HSPVA)

The Red Eye By Caroline Subbiah (Hockaday)

Becoming a Planet By Sari Wyssbrod (The Hockaday School)

Help By Bill Yang (Greenhill School)



by and by By Arianna Cadeddu (Booker T Washington HSPVA)

Pray (Clean) By Jack Jelinek (Richardson)

All My Friends By Saylor Ley (Booker T Washington HSPVA)

America | Erica Burkett By CRISSY love (Booker T Washington HSPVA)

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